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Say Goodbye to Boring Workouts:
Get Fit and Have Fun with WrestleFit

Our flagship program combines the thrill of professional wrestling with functional fitness training to create a unique workout that's as entertaining as it is effective. Designed to improve strength, agility, and cardiovascular health, WrestleFit challenges participants through pro wrestling-inspired exercises and routines, making every workout feel like you’re stepping into the ring for a championship bout.

Pro Wrestling Training

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Train with The NOW Elite Pro Wrestling Academy

For those dreaming of stepping into the spotlight, our Elite Pro Wrestling Academy offers comprehensive training for aspiring professional wrestlers. With a curriculum that covers everything from technical skills and ring psychology to promo delivery and character development, our academy is the perfect launching pad for the next generation of wrestling superstars.

WrestleFit Jr.

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Looking for a Fitness Program that is Fun and Effective For Your Kids?
Try WrestleFit Jr.

Tailored for the younger crowd, WrestleFit Jr. introduces children to the fundamentals of wrestling and fitness in a fun, safe, and engaging environment. By focusing on basic movements, coordination, and teamwork, this program not only lays the foundation for a healthy lifestyle but also instills confidence and discipline in young athletes.

WrestleFit Divas

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Empower Your Strength & Shine: Join the WrestleFit Divas Program Today!

Empowering women to embrace their strength and beauty, WrestleFit Divas is a women-specific program that combines fitness training with the glamour and spectacle of professional wrestling. Whether you're looking to sculpt your body, boost your confidence, or simply have fun, this program offers a supportive community where women can thrive.

WrestleFit Yoga

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Unlock Flexibility and Focus: Discover the Power of WrestleFit Yoga!

A harmonious blend of wrestling dynamism and the tranquility of yoga, WrestleFit Yoga is designed to enhance flexibility, balance, and mental focus. Perfect for wrestlers and fitness enthusiasts looking to improve their mobility and recover from the rigors of training, this program offers a peaceful counterbalance to the high-intensity workouts of our other offerings.

WrestleFit Seniors

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Age Strong, Live Long: Embrace Your Journey with WrestleFit Seniors!

WrestleFit Seniors is specially designed for the elder generation seeking to maintain their physical health and vitality. This program focuses on low-impact, wrestling-inspired exercises that improve mobility, strength, and flexibility, ensuring a fun and safe workout experience for seniors.


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